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Basic info about my session:
Years ago, when confronted with compensating employees with similar titles, different skill sets, different geographic locations and local cost of living conditions, I did a ton of research and hit upon what I think is a great method for determining fair (that's the critical bit) compensation for not just FileMaker developers, but any kind of employee you might have. The bad news is it's not a simple process where you pop in some inputs and out come the magic numbers. You need to do some work. Once you've done it, however, you'll end up with not just a completely defensible compensation infrastructure, but a great framework for doing performance reviews as well. Bonus: using this methodology, you can determine your value as a FileMaker developer.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics periodically publishes a national compensation survey, and they have a good guide for evaluating your firm's pay levels:

Info about me that would make you want to attend:
I've been slinging FileMaker and managing FileMaker developers since 1995.

What you should know, expect to learn, and what I will expect you to share:
You don't need to know much coming in. I'll be your Sherpa guide through all the machinations you need to go through. You don't have to share if you don't want to, but feel free to chime in on job descriptions, review processes, etc.

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