Tools for reaching for the highest quality

With FileMaker 13 we have more tools than ever that enable us to deliver professional-grade solutions. As experienced developers, we also set the bar higher than ever when it comes to quality. But there is still a lot of work required every time we aim to deliver gorgeous UIs, outstanding application performance and high-quality user experiences.

I would like to host a discussion about what people are doing now to ensure their solutions are delivered with the highest level of quality, with a focus on Tools and development approaches. We will also discuss what new capabilities you would like to see added to the platform that would help you deliver a top notch solution.
Bring your top 3-4 suggestions to the meeting (or start by listing some topics in the comments area below). Lets discuss how new tools, techniques and resources could have a far reaching and lasting effect on the FileMaker platform.

I would like to take what we come up with and share it with FileMaker.

So my top 3 suggestions

1 - Provide us with a way to do profiling... when running in debug mode,. So we can see what areas can use improvement2 - Progress bars so we can provide ongoing feedback on what our solutions are doing3 - Multi selections - ability to select a group of records and act on them just as one would do in the finder or in any other program like excel for example.

Vincenzo posted this image, from the session, on twitter:

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