Efficient Optimizing and Troubleshooting of FileMaker Solutions and Business Processes

Learning from our mistakes is the most expensive but at the same most lasting way to gain knowledge.

I made a lot of mistakes when trying to make our own (24U's) information system perform faster, before I discovered that I actually already knew the most efficient way to optimize any process, including software. I learned it in an Just-In-Time manufacturing course when working for a heavy machinery manufacturing company.

Then my team and I spent over two years building a tool to help us apply that knowledge to our FileMaker solutions. We created FM Bench and it has helped with many optimizations since then. But...

This year I suddenly discovered that successful optimizations are only a small part of the value we're getting from FM Bench.The tool and the principles behind it have turned out to be a lot more helpful in troubleshooting and debugging than in speed optimizations.

Join me for this over-seas session to learn from my mistakes, rather than repeating them on your own, and discover the most efficient way to optimize, support, and troubleshoot not only FileMaker solutions, but also business processes.
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