Inside a Designer's Mind – Chih Hsiao, FileMaker Inc.

Jazz improvisation, video games and user experience - metaphors in design

How do designers make their decisions? A common dilemma assessing the quality of design is that it sometimes appears to be based on an arbitrary set of rules upon the tastes of an individual. This session aims to demystify the mechanical and artistic aspect of design using metaphors from other creative forms to help the audience to better identify the goals and constraints, variables and options in designing software interfaces.

The session will be broken down into three separate sections: starting from my own experience as a musician and experiences from the game industry as an alternative source of creative inspirations; using design examples from various projects to illustrate the key decision points and tradeoffs in different stages of a project cycle; followed by a 20 minutes open discussion in the form of question-and-answer specifically focusing on the opportunities and challenges designing a solution in FileMaker.

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