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Basic info about my session
This will be a talk as a follow-on to the Data Analysis session--specifically towards how do you sell to businesses who know or don't know they have a problem that data analysis/sBI will help solve.

Discussion Questions:
How do we sell FM into the BI space? Less costly, custom vs big solution vendors, good enough analytics etc.
How do we leverage existing FileMaker systems to sell targeted BI info.
How do we sell the concept of KPIs/metrics to help small businesses.
How do we keep heavier data analysis simple/framed for the audience?

Info about me that would make you want to attend
I've worked at a leading Business Analytics/Intelligence vendor for the last 13 years, 9 in retail business analytics software.

What you should know, expect to learn, and what I will expect you to share
Some recent articles worth pre-reading: (FileMaker Pro solution mentioned)

Also see Luke Rochester's 2014 DevCon session.

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