Idiomatic FileMaker

About the session:

I’m open to discussing any of the topics we put forth earlier this year in our Idiomatic FileMaker White Paper.

Based on previous feedback, our focus likely be on utilizing the script call stack, putting procedural programming into practice, and the benefits therein.
Perren Smith will be helping with the discussion and answering sticky questions.

Getting the most out of the session:

It would be ideal for you to look through the linked white paper. Bring your questions, compliments, or criticisms that will help us advance the current FileMaker state of the art.

About me:

Chris Irvine is currently an independent consultant. He has over 11 years of development experience in both PHP and FileMaker Pro. Chris recently concluded 8 years with Dr. Bott LLC, coordinating development on a large scale FileMaker solution. He takes pleasure in applying technology to help solve problems for a variety of businesses and non-profits.
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