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Basic info about my session:
This will be less instructional and more free-form than my prior PoE sessions on Data Modeling and BoB. There can be a big difference between theory and practical application in a production database, especially for FileMaker. We're going to review specific vs. generalized frameworks and how different approaches affect the Party Model in a CRM environment, including pitfalls and benefits of various approaches.

Info about me that would make you want to attend:
I have an IQ of 148; am a member of Mensa; have graced the cover of GQ; lived and hunted with an African lion pride, won a wrestling match against Brutus, the one-armed giant crocodile; and I've been developing world-class FileMaker solutions since 1995. This guy has nothing on me.

What you should know, expect to learn, and what I will expect you to share:
Please come to this session having thought through some of the challenges you've encountered in your solutions. Let's compare and contrast your solutions with some of the techniques I'll demonstrate to determine the most valuable options in the real world.

Bonus: I will release a new version of my BoB CRM framework, with tons more functionality.

Here's BoB…

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