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About the session:

How do you, or how should you, collect and use performance and analytics data to affect:
  • User Satisfaction
  • Business Profitability
  • Self Improvement
  • Developer Incentives

Live coding activity: Query optimization problem with crowd sourced solutions. Using a real world client-server solution, you provide ideas to improve performance, I'll drive at the keyboard.

We’ll use some examples of data we collected from our systems @ Dr. Bott and discuss KPIs that we used and that you may use in your own organization. Comparing simple development data timers vs. production analytics. Example success stories from performance and capacity problems that we solved using these types of performance indicators.

Getting the most out of the session:

How do your measure the coding quality of solutions or other developer contributions? Do you routinely monitor performance of your solutions in production? What data do you use to prioritize enhancement and maintenance projects?

Bring your thinking caps and performance tuning tricks to help us maximize performance gains for a real world problem.

About me:

Chris Irvine is currently an independent consultant. He has over 11 years of development experience in both PHP and FileMaker Pro. Chris recently concluded 8 years with Dr. Bott LLC, coordinating development on a large scale FileMaker solution. He takes pleasure in applying technology to help solve problems for a variety of businesses and non-profits.
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