Sara Severson

The FileMaker and Salesforce platforms are pretty different animals...but your prospective clients don't always know that.

We'll talk about how to help your clients decide on the right platform for their solution (of course knowing our own preferences) by looking at the following:
• What Salesforce is good at
• What FileMaker is better at
• When a FileMaker/Salesforce integration may be appropriate

We’ll also take a peek at real examples where possible.

Info about me: As both a certified FileMaker developer and a certified administrator and developer, I get to keep a foot in each of these worlds. I serve as a Tech Lead for Soliant Consulting, and my project load is split pretty evenly between FileMaker and Salesforce. While I’m not “in sales,” I do get called on to participate in new-business calls when this dual perspective is useful.

What you should bring: Your own stories/challenges/successes. If you have info to share on positioning FileMaker against a platform other than Salesforce, that’d be handy. (I’m a two-trick pony.)

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