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Basic info about my session

JavaScript was introduced as a core FileMaker calculation engine and full citizen of our Design Surface UI’s more than 2 years ago. But only recently has the potential of JavaScript begun to catch the imaginations of mainstream FileMaker developers (thanks here to excellent recent work by John Sindelar, Jason Young, Matt Petrowsky and others in our community).

It’s time to take our integration of JavaScript to the next level. This will be a friendly but fast-paced, unabashedly developer-centric session where we can roll up our sleeves, take off our kid gloves, and get down and dirty with big boy JavaScript. We’ll share several advanced techniques not yet publicly available, including:

Direct JavaScript Calculation

Sure, we can use a web viewer on every layout where we want to perform JavaScript calcs, but that’s so <n> years ago (and module-challenged to boot). Is there a way for us to run JavaScript directly in our Pro and Go solutions? You betcha! We’ll demo “headless” JavaScript and explore how to get all the yummy goodness of cross-platform, calculation JavaScript without that old school clutter.

Server-Side JavaScript

Client-side JavaScript is great, but JavaScript on the server can be even better. We’ll show how to invoke calculation JavaScript server-side from any FileMaker platform, and explore the benefits and limitations of this approach.

OSA JavaScript

OS X Yosemite opens up OSA (née AppleScript) scripting to JavaScript in a big way. Having the full power of JavaScript available as a "glue" between OS and apps are more relevant to our FileMaker solutions than might seem. We’ll present proof of concept examples of JavaScript OSA helper scripts and even true helper apps created and invoked directly from FileMaker.

Graphical JavaScript

When we need to implement deep data visualization or full app functionality within our solutions, JavaScript libraries are without peer. We’ll review recent solutions where we’ve leveraged specialized JavaScript libraries like d3.js and AngularJS to integrate deep and visually satisfying “full app” capabilities directly into our solutions.

JavaScript Best Practices

Last, we’ll do a quick review of how we can all write much better JavaScript, showing how we can move from quick and dirty to robust, flexible code. We’ll focus on simple things we can all do to improve our code, but also review more advanced concepts and point to advanced resources.

Info about me that would make you want to attend

In 2012, I helped introduce both layout and calculation JavaScript to our FileMaker community. Since then, I've been actively exploring ways of further extending the reach of JavaScript in our FileMaker solutions, and integrating JavaScript into many of our largest and most demanding largest client solutions. I'm excited to share what I've learned: FileMaker JavaScript's all that!

What you should know, expect to learn, and what I will expect you to share

Newcomers to JavaScript are *very* welcome; honestly, none of us are JavaScript ninjas just yet, and I'll introduce key concepts as needed. Plase do bring your curiosity and willingness to think outside the metaphorical box (actual boxes will not be provided :-).

Please *do* bring any examples or stories you may have of JavaScript successes, failures, hare-brained ideas, anything else. This is Pause, and it's all good… bring it :-)

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