Schedule of Sessions

STATUS: Session rooms are changing based on votes here
The session with the most people expected will be in the Cleaners. This room is much larger than the others. We hope this approach will make PoE better for everyone.

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Sunday 10/26

Check-in and Socialize! Swing by the Cleaners, hang out, network, make a name badge. Find out where we're hosting Pause on Happy Hour.
Find out where to meet up for drinks, etc.

Monday 10/27

Yoga (Room 400) – Mats provided - Dan Weiss
Breakfast is provided (In the Cleaners)
Welcome to Pause, announcements, housekeeping, etc. (In the Cleaners)

The CleanersGround Floor
"Warm Blue" SuiteRoom 200
"Break Point" SuiteRoom 300
"Kiosk Mode" SuiteRoom 400(supports remote presenters)

[ Jason Young – SeedCode ]
Wet and Dry Development in FileMaker checking our assumptions
[ Tim Owen ]
FMS13 Managed Container Storage
[ Sara Severson – Soliant ]
Positioning FileMaker – Prospects who are considering cloud, Salesforce, and other platforms
[ Chih Hsiao – FileMaker Inc. ]
Evolution of Design -
Jazz improvisation, video games, art and mathematical thinking - inside a designer's mind.

[ Matt Petrowsky – ISO ]
Coolest Interface & UI Tricks FileMaker Knows
[ Brian Schick – Beezwax ]
Power JavaScript or…
FileMaker + JavaScript = BFF's :-)
[ Honza Koudelka ] (via Skype)Efficient Optimizing and Troubleshooting of FileMaker Solutions and Business Processes

Lunch is provided (In the Cleaners) or you can explore the area

[ Gerald Chang – Eight2 ]
Agile Open Mic - let's talk about talk about lean techniques in your development work.
[ Shin Ninagawa – Splash ]
File Construction for New Projects
[ Mike Ross ]
Workflow Aesthetics - Bringing simplicity to complex solutions
[ Dave Graham – ]
Let's Party! – pitfalls and benefits to implementing a Party Model and generalized frameworks in FileMaker.

[ Ross Mackintosh - Datamate ]The FMP URL: A Revolution in Architecting Large Data Sets
[ Jeremy Bante & Heidi Porter ]Data Analysis in FileMaker
[ Allen Poole ]FileMaker as Player Piano - taming complex data migrations
[ Scott Macdonald/Jason Meyer ]
The Syncable Window Workflow - Technique and uses explored.

Party at the Cleaners / Pause Developer Challenge

Tuesday 10/28

The Cleaners
Ground Floor
"Warm Blue" SuiteRoom 200
"Break Point" SuiteRoom 300
"Kiosk Mode" SuiteRoom 400(supports remote presenters)

Yoga (Room 400) – Mats provided - Dan Weiss
Breakfast is provided (In the Cleaners)

[ Vincenzo Menanno –Beezwax ]Better Tools for Debugging and Profiling
[ Several Speakers ]
Lightning Talks – (Grow Successful Team Members / Hell to Hero: Dealing with Difficult Customers / The "Ah Ha" Moment / BI): 10-15 minutes per presenter
[ Steven Blackwell ]
A Serious Conversation About FileMaker Platform Security
[ John Renfrew ]
The Circle of Metadata
Round trip - grab data from FMP layouts - create PDF files with Javascript and webviewer - return into container fields. Why? PSOS, Go and WebDirect.

[ Sam Barnum – 360 Works]
Publishing FileMaker to the Web – with Cutting-Edge Javascript Frameworks
(you will write code)
[ Chris Irvine ]
Idiomatic FileMaker
Discussions of white paper to include coupling, multi-tiered development, procedural programming and live development. w/ help from Perren Smith.
[ Danny Mack - New Millennium ]
Extreme Transactionality, Data Analytics, and Business Metrics
Data cubes, fast reports, KPI's, portals in portals, and your thoughts
[ Bob Shockey ]
What'sNext for StylŌ?
Get a peek inside StylŌ and weigh in on what it could and should do next.

Lunch is provided (In the Cleaners) or you can explore the area

2:00pm- 3:15pm
[ Todd Geist – geistinteractive ]
Universal Context You can get there from here!
[ Chris Irvine ]
Performance Metrics & Analytics
How actionable data refines your craft and bolsters the bottom line. Live coding crowdsourced optimization exercise.
[ available ]
[ Dan Weiss & Matt Navarre ]From solo shop to a real business: How we hire junior developers, handle project management & billing, and recover from mistakes.

3:30pm- 4:45pm
[ Kevin Frank ]Runtime Code - and other techniques that blur the distinction between schema and data
[ Rosemary Tietge – FileMaker, Inc. ]
The FileMaker Center of Excellence is the engine for addressing common objections while preserving the value of the FileMaker Platform. But how do we get there from here?
[ Chris Moyer – The Moyer Group ]
What are you worth? A systematic methodology for determining fair compensation for FileMaker developers and other types of employees
[ Mike Beargie – Anvil Dataworks ]
Passing URL parameters into WebDirect.

Pause Closing Session (In the Cleaners) - Closing Thoughts

$BYOF (break out into groups, do some business, drink some beer, geek out at level 11) (BYOF = Bring Your Own Fun)